I was at Design Hirameki exhibition opening on Oct 29th. Exhibition is going on Shinjuku, Ozone Plaza on this weekend, Tue, Wed until next weekend, Nov 7th.

I think Finland really represented itself like it should. We're good. I really hope Finnish awesomeness will get going in Japan and the world more.

Please find designers from here www.hiramekidesign.com


  1. Hi, I know you study according to an American curriculum at the international school you attend but what does that mean when it comes to language studies? Which languages do you study and how do you go about studying them? :)

  2. Ihania juttuja! Tuo kaulimen kanssa oleva Justiina on ihan ässä! :'D

  3. Hanna: Every subject at KAIS is in English, and no other languages are taught, not even japanese, which sucks. I am trying to find japanese lessons somewhere else. English is the only language were allowed to use.

    But our school is really thorough when it comes to
    learning English, grammar, and really good writing classes. Every lesson is very verbal and so on. :)

    Jonna: ;D Juu on! Aah mikä nainen.

  4. Jebooouu!!

    Kävitkö kattoo tuolla sen muotinäytöksen?
    decadance bileet näytti kreiseiltä! ;D

  5. nope en käyny, en huomannu mitää semmosta.. decadance oli kai aika kreisi, but im used to it! ;D